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About drimmolo

Drimmolo (Emma C.) is a comic artist and digital illustrator. 

She was born in Rome in 1996 but has lived abroad all her life (5 years in Germany, 5 years in Libya, 4 years in Malaysia, 4 years in the Netherlands, 1 year in Scotland).


She completed her interdisciplinary diploma in Anthropology, Literature and Media at the University College of Roosevelt, and then finished her master in Comics and Graphic Novels at the University of Dundee.


Because of her background and education, her interests are many and diverse, but has a particular passion for webcomics, anthropology, cooking and music.

About my art

Drimmolo mainly creates digital comics and illustrations. Their main genre is Autobiography, as most of her drawings and stories revolve around her experiences as someone with an 

over-reactive imagination.


Fantasy, Modern\Urban Fantasy, Humor,

Feel-Good, Slice of Life and Adventure are all genres that you can find in their art.


Her works always attempt to celebrate the freedom of imagination and the beauty of the multi-cultural world we live in today.

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